I’ve held a camera for quite some time now. It started in my teens when I joined de Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. It is here where I learned a lot, but also cried a lot. Photography is a process that is different for every starting photographer. Over a decade I tried every kind of direction a photographer can take, from commercial to fashion. I tried it. But the thing that sparked the most joy is when an idea in my head comes to live, a project that gets more shape over time. This is what makes photography special to me and why I will always pursue it for the rest of my life.

Let’s talk about my admiration for analog photography. It’s captured my interest for quit some time now. The feeling of developing a film and seeing the results is special to me. So special I can’t see myself going back to digital photography ever again. This is why all the photos I show you on my website are made on film. 

I wanted to take my love for analog photography a step further. In two other ways. One be my mission to search for old negatives/slides/photos to scan and edit them into a project of it’s own. You can find them on the “Old Stories” page. The other is a new concept I’m launching: Strctly Analog. Strctly Analog will become an online stock photography website, that sells only analog photography. It will be a community that will help analog photographers to sell their work. You can follow the progress via Instagram: @strctlyanalog  

I’m available for analog photography assignments. For inqueries and portfolio request, please contact me via mail. 

For questions about Strctly Analog, please sent a mail to info@strctlyanalog.com

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