In the month of january 2019, my mother, Nicky, told me about this contest she wanted to enter. It is called “Lang Leve Rembrandt” (Long Live Rembrandt) held by Het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The museum that is in posession of a couple of Rembrandts paintings, including “De Nachtwacht”. I got excited and offered my mom to make an artwork together, and she agreed! 

It was a long project of exchanging ideas, re-thinking ideas, moments of revelations but also some arguing as mothers and daughters sometimes do. But we did it! And could not be any prouder of each other. Now, let’s hop they choose our artwork and get the chance to be in the expo held in Het Rijksmuseum, a true honor!

My mother’s art can be found here: Follow her on Instagram @dottedartbynicky

Rembrandt finalb2

My mother and I where inspired by Rembrandt’s first self portrait, which he made at the young age of 22. He used the technique “Clair-obscur”. A technique where dark and light contrasts dominate the artwork. We were curious about this technique so we searched for a Rembrandt look-a-like and gave us the challenge to experiment with this technique, like Rembrandt did centuries ago. But instead of using paint, we wanted to see what would happen if we used a more modern medium: photography.


> Self portrait of young Rembrandt, 1628-1629. Clearly using the Clair-obscur technique. Our inspiration for the project.

> A couple of our experiments with the Clair-obscur technique.

Anne1 2b2_1

Tekening op rembrandt

The second layer is a play of lines, that is referenced to “De Nachtwacht”, Rembrandts most famous painting. “De Nachtwacht” is worldwide know for the people in the painting as well as the way he used light. We came to know that if you removed the light and people, lines will become clear. They pull your eye to different directions in the painting, emplifying certain characters, hold symbolic meanings and have a sort of rythm to them. We wanted to single out these lines and give them attention by painting them in front of our Clair-obscur photograph on acrylic material. We used the color gold to hint back to the period Rembrandt lived, The Golden Age.

Recreatie rembrandt kunstwerk

Final artwork:

“Between the lines” – 2019