Sheeping Beauty


Social media has blown up over the years. Influencers are popping up out of nowhere and making a lot of money over online fame. In my personal opinion i think influencers are getting too much attention because of how they look instead of who they really are.

I wanted to show my opinion on the matter in a bit of a radical, dramatic kind of way. My creation is this beautiful, unique and creative monster that is inside of us and that is beautiful in all it’s many flaws. My monster despises being a sheep and accepts who she really is, even if that means she will not be ‘instafamous’. 

then i came across a new phenomenon, the pop up museum ‘Wondr’. A place where people can take photos of themselves with different backgrounds for their instagram. I became curious, not of the actual museum but the people that go there. Inside the museum one after the other where waiting in line to make exactly the same photo as the one before. It felt to me a bit sheepish. Why not use your own creativity and create your own unique style?

scan 010b2
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